Classes that encourage learning 

Upstate Montessori Academy offers two primary Montessori classrooms. Each room consists of no more than 24 students. There are five areas in the primary Montessori Classroom, each designed to address a different learning objective for your child.


Lessons in practical life resemble the work of life in the home: sweeping, lacing, pouring, washing and similar tasks. These purposeful activities help children adapt to their community, learn self-control and improve fine-motor skills.



Sensorial materials help children in the process of creating and organizing their intelligence. Each material was scientifically designed to isolate a specific quality found in the world such as color, size, shape, volume or tone.



Montessori classrooms provide a stimulating environment rich in reading, writing and language. Children learn letter sounds, progress to simple CVC words, then move on to blends. Reading and writing is integrated throughout the entire Upstate Montessori Academy curriculum.




Montessori math material enhances a child’s ability to be exact, observe, be orderly and classify. The bead material we use gives children a concrete representation of number value.



Children are exposed to lessons in botany, zoology, physiology, geography and cultural studies of the world in which they live.